'Camping Pyreneeën Frankrijk: Le Bon Choix'

Camping Le Bon Choix ** Villa Mayari



Camping Le Bon Choix -
Villa Mayari

The camping is situated in a lovely shady forest in the foothills of the Pyrenees. In between the nice valleys of the Lèze and the Ariège.

There is a playground and a covered recreation area that the kids can use. In this room there are plenty of games available.

For the adults there are several activities like Barbecue with Music, Bingo and Jeu de Boules games. There are Hiking and Biking (Mountainbike/Racing bicycle) trips. Next to the pool is an open air Bar, where you can order coffee, tea or a refreshing drink and of course delicious icecream. Next to the pool there is a sunny terrace with recliners.

Camping in the foothills of the Pyrenees

mirepoix In the land of the Cathars. A small **Camping. with 34 sites.
On nearly 3 ha terrain.
Situated in a forest, under Oak and Chestnut trees.
Large sites with electricity (10 Ampère).
Rural surroundings.
In the departement of the Ariège.
Yet undiscovered by mass tourism.

A beautiful landscape and of course the Pyrenees with its rough and varied nature. The Ariège is known for its many caves, churches, castles and museums.
Hiking, biking and swimming in the immediate vicinity.

But also nice medieval towns.
To put it briefly: a camping in a lovely, hilly landscape with a magnificent view on the impressive Pyrenees.


Except camping with your own tent or caravan, you can also rent a bungalow from 4 until 6 persons. They are completely furnished. They are also situated in the forest, so plenty of shade and with your own little terrace.